Najafabad marks World Hypertension Day, 2007
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Isfahan marks World Hypertension Day, 2007

The rates of prevalence, awareness and control of hypertension are 17.5%, 51% and 12%, respectively, in the cities of Isfahan and Najaf-Abad. The activities conducted in these cities to mark the World Hypertension Day were in line with the following objectives:
- Training activities centered on primary prevention, to increasing community awareness of hypertension
- Encouraging the public to have their blood pressure checked
- Increasing patient compliance with antihypertensive drug regimens
- Encouraging follow-up of hypertensive patients
- Increasing the knowledge of physicians and health personnel about correct methods of prevention and treatment of hypertension

The Hypertension Unit of Isfahan Cardiovascular Research Center coordinated the activities to mark the World Hypertension Day with the Vice-Chancellery for Treatment of Isfahan University of Medical Sciences, Isfahan and Najaf-Abad Municipalities, Isfahan health centers and clinics, hospitals, factories, offices and Isfahan Radio and television Broadcasting Service (IRIB).

The activities performed in health centers and other designated locations across Isfahan province during these the 10 days leading up to the Hypertension Day included:
- Organizing a seminar about the World Hypertension Day entitled “Prevention, control and treatment hypertension” for nurses, active members of Isfahan hospitals and clinics.
- Using mass media (radio, television, dailies) to announce the World Hypertension Day
- Arranging a medical talk show on hypertension on Isfahan local TV Channel
- Arranging the broadcast of several sub-titled mottos and short messages about prevention and control of hypertension on Isfahan local TV Channel
- Arranging for the broadcast of radio messages and programs about hypertension for 10 days
- Setting up 30 blood pressure measurement stalls in hospitals across Isfahan Province to offer free training on blood pressure measurement

Training programs targeting the patients and the community
- Screening a 4-minute video on hypertension and the World Hypertension Day on4 Billboard Screens through cooperation with Isfahan Municipality
- Posting large posters and placards in the city squares to increase community awareness of hypertension

Other activities
- Posting placards with hypertension-related and health messages inside and outside the sports stadium hosting the Asian football matches in Isfahan
- Playing short educational messages through the stadium’s public address system during 15 minutes of timeout
- Distributing educational pamphlets among spectators
- Holding classes for women, distributing pamphlets among stay-at-home women and more than 1000 female clergy in Isfahan in cooperation with the organization for women’s affairs
- Publishing 4 educational articles on the occasion of World Hypertension Day in Nasl-e-Farda local daily
- Ringing school bells to mark the Hypertension Day in the schools across Isfahan province
- Distributing more than 70,000 of 6 types of educational pamphlets on prevention, control and treatment of hypertension, as well as home-based blood pressure measurement in simple words

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