World Hypertension Day 2007, Najafabad
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Najafabad marks World Hypertension Day
Appreciating the importance of hypertension treatment and control and increasing public awareness of predisposing risk factors, Shahid Montazeri Hospital, Najfabad, marked the World Hypertension Day and introduced the Isfahan Healthy Heart Program to the patients and their accompanying relatives. What follows is a brief description of World Hypertension Day programs in the city of Najafabad, Isfahan.

1. Monday
Holding an educational session for hospital CCU personnel to introduce them to the World Hypertension Day and programs to mark the day, and to familiarize them with the Isfahan Healthy Heart Program
2. Tuesday
Holding a Healthy Heart educational session for the Emergency Service personnel, and classes to educate the patients and their accompanying relatives about hypertension

3. Wednesday
Holding an educational session on risk factors of hypertension for patients and their accompanying relatives

4. Thursday, 8 AM- 1 PM
Marking the World Hypertension Day, free blood pressure and BMI measurement for all visitors and patients
- All patients with history of hypertension were identified and referred to clinic
- The visitors were given face-to-face education about ways to prevent hypertension and avoid cardiovascular risk factors; they were also supplied with educational pamphlets
- Hypertensive individuals were identified and referred to clinic to receive education and appropriate treatment
- Smokers were given face-to-face education on the hazards of smoking; they were also given educational pamphlets
- Individuals with BMI >25 were identified and given necessary education on ways to loose weight; individuals with high BMI and identifiable complications were referred to nutritionist to receive necessary training
- A one-hour educational class was held at the Specialist Diabetes and Hypertension Clinic for the patients and visitors

5. Saturday
In a class held at the Specialist Clinic, a nutritionist taught the patients and visitors about diet therapy and its blood-pressure-lowering effects

6. Sunday
A class was held for patients and visitors on hyperlipidemia and its role in the development of hypertension

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