IHHP Goals & Objectives
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IHHP Goals
To assess the feasibility and impact of a comprehensive, community-based approach in a developing country setting.
To improve the behaviors, knowledge, and skills of the population and health professionals.
To prevent and control the common risk factors of NCD.
To improve the quality of life.
To delay the onset of diseases and reduce disabilities.
To reduce mortality due to NCD.

IHHP Objectives
To improve the public knowledge & awareness of causes and consequences of NCD with common risk factors (CVD, diabetes, hypertension, cancers) and skills to take action to control them.
To improve life style behaviors associated with good health.
To reduce the prevalence of modifiable risk factors namely (smoking, hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, overweight & obesity, physical inactivity and stress associated with NCD).
To reduce mortality, disability due to NCD with common risk factors and its incidence rates.
To improve knowledge & awareness and achieve early identification, treatment, control levels and rehabilitations of individuals at high risk or with clinical manifestations of the disease.
To improve the health professional knowledge, skills of causes, consequences, screening, treatment of NCD and the importance of healthy lifestyle.
To improve healthy social & physical environment (healthy polices, environments, legislations etc).
To evaluate the process & outcomes of interventions at the individual, public and environmental levels.

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